Wanted to give an update on the progress.  Though it’s been slow going through the holidays, we are starting to pick up momentum again despite the winter doldrums.  We were recently approved by KickStarter.com to post our project and will be accepting pledges towards Ignite Vail in the near future.

Rick Castellini (@HelpMeRick) of Castellini on Computers (HelpMeRick.com) is heading the completion of the KickStarter project to include a cool video and awesome rewards for pledging.  The hook with KickStarter.com is if the money goal is not reached, no money is received.  So hopefully our target number is easily attainable.

We have not yet secured a venue, however we have some ideas that will be checked into by Tina Long (@comfortinnvail) at Comfort Inn Vail/Beavercreek.  Any recommendations are appreciated as well!  We are hoping for a venue that has a decent sound system, ability to show powerpoint slides, can serve alcohol and food, and fit at least 100 people.

Want more info on Ignite Vail?  Email ignitevail@gmail.com, follow us on Twitter @ignitevail or fan us on Facebook at facebook.com/ignitevail.


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